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Welcome to Borthwick Associates

Borthwick Associates, Inc. is an independent,  State of Illinois registered Investment Advisor focusing on equity management. We have been building portfolios tailored to meet the investment objectives of individuals, families and small corporations since 1981.

Investing your hard earned money can be a daunting experience for even the most seasoned investor. That’s why our team of  professionals will work closely with you to develop a portfolio that is tailored to your individual goals and risk comfort level. Our owner/portfolio managers are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have because your assets are too personal and too important to discuss with some poorly trained customer service representative. If you’re tired of feeling like just another account number to your financial advisor, let us show you how rewarding a personalized investment experience can be.

Borthwick Associates offers investment products to help our clients meet their long term investment goals:

  • Our Managed Account Program offers customized portfolios and caters to clients with a minimum portfolio of $250,000*.
  • Our Dividend Income Program is  geared toward investors looking for current investment income or who want a more conservative asset allocation.  The minimum investment is $250,000*.
  • Our Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Program is  geared toward smaller IRAs looking for a more targeted portfolio than what the average mutual fund typically provides. The minimum investment is $120,000*.

We invite you to explore our website to gain a deeper understanding of our investment products and meet our professionals.


*New accounts may be accepted for lesser amounts based on management’s discretion. For example, exceptions may be made for clients planning to add to their accounts or for existing clients who already participate in one of our other investment programs.